Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a membership with another practitioner? Can multiple people share a full-time suite?

Yes, multiple practitioner agreements and groups are welcome. Memberships are non-transferable, while our full-time and enterprise solutions can support multiple occupants depending on their size. Please contact us for multiple practitioner or occupant solutions, so we can ensure we can answer your specific questions or concerns. ie: 2 practitioners in one suite.

How large are your suites and how many people can a suite comfortably fit?

Our Suites vary in size to ensure we meet the needs of many different practices, and range from about 80 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. Our full-time suites extend to over 400 sq. ft. Additionally, we have classroom, meeting rooms, and event space that extends to 500 sq. ft as well.  Our largest room can comfortably fit up to 35 people standing and 15 people in a classroom setting.

I am a chiropractor/accupuncturist/massage therapist and have one of the part-time Flex/Pro memberships. Can I store my table/tools at WellnessWorks?

We do have bodywork and chiropractic tables available for your convenience, and should you require a permanent solution, we recommend exploring our full-time office suites.

I am not involved in a health or wellness practitioner business, can I still book office space at WellnessWorks?

Of course! While our services and amenities are designed to cater to health and wellness practitioners, we also understand the need for second offices, meeting spaces, or temporary office solutions. Contact us should you have any concerns about working out of WellnessWorks

If I book a full-time suite, will I need to bring my own furniture, or can you outfit my office?

We can fully furnish any full-time suite. While many of our full-time members like to put their own personal touches in an office, you have the flexibility to furnish your space with all of your own items, have us furnish your space, or you may choose a mix in between. We are happy to work with you to ensure you have the perfect suite to fit your needs.

Can I sign up now but start at a later date?

Yes! Contact us and let us know your preferred start date and we can get you set up!

I don’t have a membership, can I still rent suites at WellnessWorks?

Yes, we do have options available for access to the Online Reservations Portal for hourly booking. It provides you access to the WellnessWorks space as you require it. Should you have a special event in mind, or to discuss this option further please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

I still don’t understand, how does this work? Do you have Full Time offices?

It’s simple, really. You can book by the hour, by the day, or full time. For hourly use, we have an online reservation system that allows you to view all available suites at the time you’d like to book. We welcome you to schedule a tour, so we can show you our well-appointed, soundproof suites, explain our services and amenities, and answer any specific questions you may have. You can schedule your tour, email, or call us at 800-369-3556.