Improving Clinic Appointment Efficiency For Clients Through Technology

appointment booking efficiency for health and wellness professionals


Today’s technology is ever advancing, and the growing utilization of apps by both consumers and businesses in all industries has certainly served to improve efficiency, increase productivity and make everyday tasks easier. One particular industry that has seen great benefit via technology is the healthcare industry and it can help your health and wellness practice drastically improve appointment efficiency for your clients and staff.

Improved and advanced methods of surgery, more efficiency in patient data collection, and better scientific research for pharmaceutical development are all the result of continuous improvements in technology. Even something as simple as making an appointment with a clinic, hospital or other healthcare facility has been improved thanks to technology, benefiting both the patients and the clinic staff. As a health and wellness practitioner, you have many decisions to make when building your business and this article will help you understand how to use technology to increase efficiency for your practice. Follow along to learn more about improving appointment efficiency through the use of technology.

Improvements in Clinic Appointments

Clinics and health care facilities that have embraced apps and mobile technology can increase productivity in the office and provide better customer service for their patients. No longer must patients call to make an appointment, waiting on hold when they reach a busy office, and then waiting some more as the receptionist attempts to find an available date that coincides with the patient’s availability. These factors reduce appointment efficiency, which can be frustrating to the client.

And no longer must the office staff spend a significant portion of their day fielding phone calls from those seeking appointments and making phone calls to provide appointment reminders. Now it can all be done via patient portals or customized mobile apps, such as the IOS Clinic Appointment Booking App, or a personalized Clinic App such as the one offered by Healthsite. WellnessWorks has administrative services to act as a receptionist for your practice, but technology can streamline things for your clients and yourself. This improves appointment efficiency for both your clients and your staff.

A patient seeking an appointment can simply log into the patient portal or a customized Smart Clinic app and see what appointment times and dates are available, then select the one that is most convenient for them. This frees up you or your receptionist’s time, which means you can now focus on the many other tasks waiting to be performed. And there is no frustration on the patients’ end, as they did not have to waste their own time trying to get through to a busy office or schedule an appointment after-hours. To see a good example of a patient portal and its features, visit


Patients who are comfortable using technology, such as patient portals, apps or even simple text messaging, are referred to as e-patients. Thanks to patient portals, these patients now have involvement in their own health care, with the ability to choose and review appointments, see their test results, and even fill in details as to why they are requesting an appointment.

The more e-patients there are, the more time staff will have available to perform other important tasks, as they are no longer interrupted consistently by phone calls from patients.

Send Patient Reminders To Improve Appointment Efficiency

As mentioned above, sending patients reminders of their upcoming appointments can also consume a large portion of the day. Via apps or automatic text messages, the system can send the patient a reminder without any receptionist involvement whatsoever. Patient reminders can be set for specific intervals and can include instructions for confirming, changing or canceling the appointment.

Providing Information and Follow-Ups for Patients

Patients who are waiting to hear about test results or require monitoring to see how they are doing can also be sent automatic messages. Alerts informing patients that their test results are viewable via the patient portal reduce the frustration of waiting for a phone call. And virtual follow-ups can reduce the number of patients who have to come in again for another appointment.

These improvements in appointment scheduling for patients are just the beginning when it comes to providing better customer service for patients. As patient portals continue to evolve and more patients embrace the technology, efficiency, and productivity in the healthcare industry will also continue to improve.

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