Productivity Tips For Medical, Health & Wellness Practice Owners

wellnessworks at trinity center productivity tipsThe hustle and bustle of Manhattan is not just confined to the city streets. From the Financial District to Tribeca, those buildings of concrete, steel, and glass contain thousands of quickly moving individuals trying to accomplish myriad tasks each day as time quickly ticks by from morning to evening. Knowing how we help our members become more productive, we gathered six productivity tips for health and wellness practice owners to get more done.

Health and wellness practice owners know this firsthand, since they often juggle a multitude of tasks, trying to accomplish the impossible in a limited amount of time. A hundred or so interruptions each day, from customers, patients, employees and more can slow down productivity immensely. Here are some helpful tips you can utilize to keep you productive and on track throughout the course of the day.

1. Write Down Your Daily Priorities

Take five minutes each morning before you do anything else to establish the day’s goals and priorities. All too often you can be easily sidetracked by other things going on throughout the day. Before you know it, the day is ending and there are still several tasks you did not complete (or even start).

A list reinforces your focus on these high priority items. Place it in an area where you can view it often so that it serves as a constant reminder. While a simple list on a piece of paper does wonders, there are also other guides like Intelligent Change’s Productivity Planner. Their other product, “The Five-Minute Journal” is another great way to bring positivity to your day and may be valuable for many of your clients.

2. Delegate Responsibility

Even an experienced team of employees doesn’t always know what they need to do. Be sure to establish clearly defined roles for each employee, and do not be afraid to delegate responsibilities and assign tasks. Learning about each employee’s strengths and weaknesses can also aid you in assigning tasks that play to their key strengths. If using a shared office, with employees shared among several others, sharing top priorities for the day with those staff, or important items each day can ensure they are prepared for the day ahead.

3. Set Aside a Specific Time Each Day That You Are Not to Be Interrupted

This is not a lunch break. This is the time that you will respond to emails and messages, review data, schedule meetings or do anything else without interruption, depending upon your practice. Being able to perform these often time-consuming tasks each day without being interrupted will enable you to perform them much more quickly and efficiently. Time blocking can be an important tool in improving productivity by keeping consistent times of your day reserved for specific tasks. Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams, also discusses this tool in his book “The ONE Thing.” Isolating tasks, even if in small blocks of time, will ensure that you don’t waste time trying to multi-task and improve your day’s efficiency.

4. Take Advantage of Appointment Scheduling Software

Productivity in a busy Manhattan office, clinic, or other health and wellness practice can take a big hit when staff need to constantly field phone calls for making, confirming, or canceling appointments. Appointment scheduling software offers a great deal of benefits to any health and wellness practice, and most importantly, it enables your staff to focus more on completing other tasks in a productive and organized manner.

5. Reduce Clutter

Many health and wellness practice owners lose productivity throughout the day simply because they are unorganized. Do you have a lot of paperwork and files scattered about your office? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time looking for specific files, notes, office supplies, etc…? If so, you need to reduce the clutter and get more organized. An organized office is much more conducive to positive productivity, for you and your staff.

6. Learn How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Easier said than done, but all you need to do is take a class or attend a seminar on time management–you will be glad you did. The hustle and bustle of New York City life, family, friends, and others won’t bother you so much if you have time on your side. Time management is an especially valuable skill for health and wellness practitioners and practice owners. Not only will you be able to perform your tasks in a more time-efficient manner each day, but you will also be able to see more patients and customers each day, subsequently increasing profits.

Try just a few of these productivity tips, if not all, and you will soon see your office productivity vastly improve! WellnessWorks at Trinity Centre can help you increase your productivity by giving you access to reception staff, administrative tools, soundproof office suites, and a variety of other services that will allow you to focus on your clients and your practice. Schedule a visit today!